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Fluxrepair the repair battle has begun

  • The founding team of Fluxrepair has been repairing all types of equipment for over 10 years. As early as 2007, the founders of Fluxrepair laid the first foundations and dedicated themselves to repairing all kinds of devices. Today, Fluxrepair repairs smartphones, tablets, notebooks, video projectors, vacuum robots, drones, headphones, digital cameras, hoverboards, e-scooters and more.

    One of the difficulties Fluxrepair has had to deal with is the supply of spare parts, with some manufacturers massively refusing to supply spare parts or simply withholding them from independent repairers. The black sheep manufacturers often run their own repair departments where they set the prices so that it is rarely worthwhile to repair. The profit-driven manufacturers often use external repair partners, where the repair prices are also exorbitant and the customers often feel cheated and refrain from having a repair done.

    The fight for spare parts is a never-ending battle. Spare parts for certain equipment are either deliberately overpriced or simply not available. In both cases, the manufacturers win. If a spare part is available and overpriced, the equipment manufacturers can argue that they provide spare parts and are among the good guys (environmentally conscious), and on the other hand they prevent independent repair shops from repairing anything at all with the overpriced spare parts. Circuit diagrams for certain equipment are also only supplied by a few manufacturers. In many cases, these can only be obtained for a fee. As if that were not enough, electronic circuit assemblies are deliberately made unrecognisable to prevent technicians from searching for spare parts to repair a device. In most cases, the winners are the manufacturers, who do everything they can to make repairs difficult or impossible, so that the customer does not repair the faulty device and buys a new one.

    Because of this problem, there are many counterfeit spare parts on the market, which are often very cheap and do not meet the manufacturers quality standards. However, we always try to use genuine parts in order to provide our customers with a high quality repair.

    As our business has developed, we have realised that there is much more to repair than just fixing a piece of equipment. Good service includes not only high quality spare parts, but also seamless communication with the customer. Fluxrepair uses the latest technology trends to keep customers informed at all times. All relevant information is provided online in real time, such as Arrival of the equipment at the workshop, notification of the start of the repair and completion of the repair until the equipment leaves the workshop. As a Fluxrepair customer, you have access to all relevant information at all times via the customer menu and also via the quick status query. Ordering from Fluxrepair not only helps you, it also helps the environment. Every device that does not end up in the rubbish bin saves our resources and helps us to save the world.